About me

I can remember my first camera: a tiny Olympus that belonged to my mom and it was given to me when I was around eight. What a feeling it was to document the world from my point of view.

As I grew older I started taking some photography classes and fell deep in love with portraits. I learned how to develop my own film and old-school edited my images in a dark room. That was my art and I took part in some photo contests and festivals such as the Foto Rio festival. Later, as I entered the world of digital photography, I worked for a few years as a food photographer. Who doesn’t love food?

When I moved to Berlin in 2011, I wanted to reinvent myself and went on exploring other sides of me. It was only after becoming a mom in 2018 that I finally got back in touch with my true essence and decided to work with love photography.

So here I am. Hit me up and let’s make some photo magic together!

Fun Facts about me:

  • I am Brazilian
  • I speak Portuguese, Spanish, German and English (and sort of Italian too)
  • I worked as a travel writer and I have a Masters in UNESCO World Heritage Studies and a minor in Entrepreneurship
  • I was once representing the State of Rio de Janeiro in show jumping competitions
  • I am the mom of a beautiful boy
  • I am a Reiki Master
  • I love foraging
  • I live to travel
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